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13 thoughts on “JESC’14: Italy Has Won Junior Eurovision 2014!”

  1. I had Bulgaria and Italy in my top 3 – so please Italy did win on their debut and good result for Bulgaria also <– BNT must come to eurovision also now.
    Great contest by Malta TV – the best ever JESC in my opinion

  2. Hope that BNT decides to Return finally to Eurovision in Vienna. Croatia only get 1 Point. Well they choosed Jesc instead of esc and that was the price.

  3. Congratulations Italy! You Deserved! Great Show Malta! only a little dissapointed with Slovenia and Cyprus, I thought that was minimum a Top 8 place,

  4. #jesc2014 was in Spain again the 4th year in a row TT,that with no participation since 8 years. The Message is clear: Mr. Llano Spaniards want her Country back!

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