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Italy: Discussions On Hosting Will Begin Monday

Italy Have First Refusal On Hosting

Italy will hold discussions on Monday about hosting Junior Eurovision 2015 on Monday. The Head of the Italian delegation has said that it will be up to the Director General of RAI as to whether Italy will host the 2015 contest. The Head of Delegation went on to say that he will put emphasis how great the contest is, but that the decision will not be down to him and that it would be wrong to comment on hosting as of yet.

So far the following countries have confirmed participation in next years contest:

  • Belarus
  • The Netherlands

Furthermore it is known that a number of countries are in discussions about taking part in next years contest, especially Ireland who previously said they were looking to secure funding for 2015. Bulgaria have also said that they hope to participate in next years contest.

4 thoughts on “Italy: Discussions On Hosting Will Begin Monday”

  1. I have some ideas for if Italy hosts next year…

    1) The venue must have a minimum capacity of 5,000.
    2) If the venue doesn’t have rooftop, the construction team must build one a few months before the day of JESC 2015.
    3) The venue has to be empty before October 20, 2015. No one else (like Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, etc.) should be doing concerts at the chosen venue before then.

    And that’s pretty much it πŸ™‚

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