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Xhoi Will Sing "Zjarr dhe Ajër"
Xhoi Will Sing “Zjarr dhe Ajër”

After yesterday’s reports that the official website had removed all news relating to Albania in the contest, the Albanian participant Xhoi has said she is still going to the contest.

She has confirmed to us this afternoon that she has not withdrawn from taking part in the contest, and does not understand why all previous articles mentioning her or Albania have been removed from

Furthermore in an interview with InfoMedia Albania, Xhoi said that she was contacted directly by the team at Turkvizyon to take part in the contest in Tatarstan. The song that she will be performing in Kazan is her recently released single “Zjarr dhe Ajër”. According to the interview the Albanian national broadcaster RTSH will be showing the contest.

Watch the music video for Xhoi’s song below:

Source: IMA

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  1. I thinh, just refresh news and in near time added all news. Anthony, why you look At and Xhoana still displayed, and all her topics too.

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