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The Orchestra Returns
The Orchestra Returns

Norway will select their participant for Eurovision 2014 on March 14th with the final of Melodi Grand Prix. This year the semi finals have been dropped, however the orchestra have returned to the show for the first time since 1998. Next years Melodi Grand Prix is a celebration of 60 years of Eurovision, 30 years since Norway’s first Eurovision win and 20 years since their second win in the contest.

Thor Gjermund Eriksen, Director of Broadcasting at NRK said that:

We will create a huge party to mark these anniversaries and show that MGP is still large, festive and important in Norway.

The 2015 final will see 10 singers taking to the stage of the Oslo Spektrum. Vivi Stenburg who is in charge of Melodi Grand Prix told the press that:

The artists do not get “warmed up” on a smaller stage like they did in the semi finals, those who get the green light to participate must be able to take to the stage in Oslo Spektrum and delive. MGP is more exciting than it has been in a long time.

29 years ago the Bobbysocks won Eurovision with “La det Sving”, the duet was made up of Hanne Krogh and Elisabeth Andreassen, Elisabeth had this to say about the return of the orchestra:

This is sensationally good and incredibly fun! Using musicians to music is a great joy. This is an old tradition, and it makes the songs are presented in a way that is fair for everyone. It will be interesting to see which songs that do best in such a format, she says

The singers can opt not to use the orchestra in the final.

Source: NRK

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