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JESC’14: Malta Will Host In 2015 If They Win Again

We Could Be #Together In Malta Next Year
We Could Be #Together In Malta Next Year

The President of Malta has today said that if Malta were to win the contest again this year that they would host the contest again in 2015. The President of Malta, Mary-Louise Coleiro Preca arrived at the venue in Malta this afternoon just as Federica was finishing her final performance.

She told the press after Federica’s performance that:

I’m so impressed and so very proud of my Maltese brothers and sisters for this really big show of intellectual and artistic ability, obviously Federica is amazing and I don’t have the words to describe the emotion she has instilled in me – I’m so proud to be Maltese.

So far the Netherlands and Belarus have already confirmed their participation in next years contest regardless of the country that hosts next year.

You can see Federica’s stunning rehearsal below:

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  1. Okay, first of all, Malta cannot win two years in a row. That would be like what Ireland did in the grown-ups’ Eurovision from 1992-94. Secondly, opera will NEVER win Junior Eurovision!!!!!!!

    1. beccaboo1212, why are you so incredibly childish? You write this comment on every single article about JESC on the internet. Please stop spamming!

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