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4 thoughts on “Myanmar: To Host ABU Radio Song Festival 2015”

  1. Wow.

    The ARSF, has turned into a yearly event!!!. Does this mean that this version of the asian contest is being more successful than the ABU TV Song Festival?

    Despite the fall in the number of participating countries this year in the ABU Radio Song Festival 2014, the ABU informed about the event as an incredible success.

    It seems that Forever Group, which is the burmese broadcaster that is member of the ABU will be the organiser of this event. I wonder how will be the venue, the stage and the burmese organisation.

    1. Myanmar (Burma) is a very beautiful country, with centuries of history, an unspoilt tourist potential, and specially a vibrant music scene.
      I’m sure that this event will contribute to end definitively the political isolation of the coutry. I would like to see this coutry taking part both in the ABU Radio Song Festival, and the ABU TV Song Festival.

      For example, it would be really interesting to see burmese artists such as Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein, Thar Thar, or Wine Su Khine Thein.

  2. Burma will organise an amazing show. Myanmar was the host country of the South East Asian Games a year ago. Both the opening ceremony and all the event organisation, accoring to the international press, were unexpectedly amazing.

    If Burma can host a big sports event, it will perfectly host a song contest.

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