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Ayas Is Representing Tuva

Tuva have become the last region to reveal their participant in this years Turkvizyon Song Contest in Kazan, Tatarstan.

About Ayas:

Ayas Kuular started singing since childhood. As a Teenager with friends he loved to play guitar and sing songs from the repertoire of famous artists. In school, he constantly participated in various competitions and also loved going to concerts.
His Parents are always encouraged his desire to make music and sing. Family is the inspiration of his work. He is kind to the Tuvan culture and its traditions. Tuvan culture is formed of the most valuable features of nature: commitment, responsibility, perseverance, persistence, and that is useful in life and profession. And determine its future profession.

Ayas Kuular ensemble “Tyva” began work in 2001, immediately after the Kyzyl Arts College. Since then, the ensemble has become an integral part of his creative life. On the professional scene, he has more than ten years. Since 2007 became artistic director of the ensemble “Tuva”.

Ayas Kullar has been selected to represent the Russian region which last year was represented by Saylik Ommun. Saylik failed to qualify for the final in 2013 with the song “Çavidak”, you can see her performance below:

Source: & Tuva State Philarmonic

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