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Natali Will Represent Ukraine

Natali Deniz has been selected to represent Ukraine at this years Turkvizyon Song Contest. Natali is from Odessa, Ukraine and is part of Ukraine’s ethnic Gagauz population, in a recent interview she said that:

Unfortunately, I did not go to music school, I have no musical education, I do not play a musical instrument, just singing. But my repertoire is very diverse, perform songs of various styles: pop, folk, rock, jazz, singing in Russian, Ukrainian, English, Gagauz, Bulgarian, Moldavian.

She also recently released an album in Gagauz, she told Moldovan Gazette that:

I was born and raised in Ukraine, but with all my heart love Gagauzia, its people, traditions and customs, like the language and I hope to leave a mark in their native Gagauz culture. Peter Petkovic wrote me a lot of great songs, the most popular and beloved. Yet – Jury Dimchoglo, to support the establishment of the disc. Without the help of these people would not see the drive light. Of course, support the family and friends.

The song that she will sing at Turkvizyon has not yet been announced.



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