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Darina Will Represent Crimea

Darina Siniçkina has been selected to represent Crimea at Turkvizyon 2014. As in 2013 the broadcaster STRC Crimea held a number of auditions across Crimea to find their singer for this years contest in Kazan, Tatarstan. The song that Darina will be singing in Kazan has not yet been announced.

Darina won the Crimean TV series Shellyale which was used to select their 2013 and 2014 participants, she beat off competition from 7 other singers. She was selected by a jury.

Last year Crimea was represented by Elvira Sarykhalil  and her song “Dağlarin Ellari”, the song failed to qualify for the final. You can see her semi final performance below:

4 thoughts on “Crimea: Darina Siniçkina Selected”

  1. According to Darina will represent Ukraine, not Crimea. Natali Deniz is Crimea’s representative.

    1. They’ve got it wrong, in an interview Natali is down as Ukraine’s participant for the contest, she is from Odessa where the Ukrainian broadcaster for the contest is based. While Darina is Crimean and has appeared in a number of events in Crimea when I did a search for her earlier.

      1. According to the’s individual country pages Eurovoix is correct, Darina Siniçkina for Crimea (R.F. Kırım Cumhuriyeti) and Natali Deniz for Ukraine (Ukrayna Cumhuriyeti). The info is just incorrect on the front page. I hope Tatarstan hosts a better Turkvizyon than the first one, less technical and information errors! Let’s hope!

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