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Ipek Amber The Northern Cypriot Singer

After yesterdays interview with the Turkvizyon entrant from Bosnia & Herzegovina, now we head to Northern Cyprus and their singer İpek Amber. Last year Northern Cyprus qualified for the final with the duet Gommalar and their song “Havalaniyor” they finished in 10th place. Here is what İpek had to say:

Firstly may I congratulate you on being selected to represent Northern Cyprus in this years contest how do you feel?

 Thank you very much for congratulating me. I feel very happy and exited because I will represent my country with my song at Turkvizyon 2014 in Tatarstan.

What was it that made you decide to apply to take part in this years contest?

 I watched last year’s Turkvizyon 2013 Song Contest and this big and meaningful organisation made a fantastic impressed on me. I’m a musician and a music teacher in high school and I composed songs since my childhood therefor I decided to apply to take part in this year’s contest.

Your song is called “Sessiz Gidiş” can you tell us about it?

My song ‘’Sessz Gidiş” means “Gone Silently”. “Sesiz Gidiş” is the most important, meaningful and valuable song in all my songs.

I lost my father two years ago because of his death Than I felt very deep pain in my hard. My life changed completly. One day I wanted to tell  may father how my life as changed and how sorry and depressed  I felt after he passed. I could explain to him in what position I was, only with my music. That’s why I composed this song.

You are a well known singer in Northern Cyprus, how did you get into singing?

 I used to like to sing and composed songs since my childhood. I studied in Music departmet in the University. My branch was piano and voice. When I graduated from the university I decided to sing and share my songs with audience, than I started singing.

Last year Northern Cyprus qualified for the final eventually finishing 10th, does it add pressure knowing that last years participants got to the final?

Last year’s result was good. It was nice to finish 10th out of 24 countries. That made me and my country happy and we were proud of them. Fore me; my aim is to get a better score and increase the current happiness and proud.

What are you expecting from your time in Tatarstan and what do you expect to take from Turkvizyon?

 I think I will have very nice time and I am looking forward to come to Tatarstan, to meet many other countries people and make new friends and establish friendship with them. I watch some videos about Tataristan and gave me a very good impression about the country. Therefor I feel very happy that I got this chance to come there. I will be able to listen 24 countries live performances and to be in this big and very important organisation also give me a grade pleasure. Also I think that I will get from Turkvizyon something that will make me and my country to be proud of it.

Finally do you have anything you’d like to say to the readers of

I would like to tell them to wish me good luck at Turkvizyon 2014 Song Contest.

We’d like to wish İpek Amber all the best at Turkvizyon last this month in Kazan and all the best for her after the contest and into the future.

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