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Loic Is Off To Vienna

Loïc Nottet has been selected by RTBF to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2015. Loïc Nottet who was a the runner up in The Voice Belgique 2014 will take to the stage for Belgium in Vienna.

For 2015 the French language broadcaster RTBF has control of the Belgian selection process and they will be hoping to qualify for the final again, after Roberto Bellarosa came 12th in 2013. The selection of Nottet had been rumoured for a couple of weeks, with the singer signing a contract with Sony Music in the past few days and announcing that he will release his first album shortly.

It is not known if RTBF will select the song for Eurovision internally as well or hold a selection where the Belgian public will select the song that Loïc Nottet will sing.

You can listen to Loïc’s latest release a cover of the song “Chandelier” below:

Source: RTBF

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