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Skopje Fest Less Than Two Weeks Away

Macedonia will select their participant for Eurovision 2015 in just 12 days time and the national broadcaster MRT has announced more details about their selection process.

The show itself will be held at the “Metropolis” Arena in the Capital Skopje. The running order of the show will be decided by MRT to create a more enjoyable show for the viewers at home, who will be able to vote on all of the 20 songs in this years contest. And it’s not just the right to represent Macedonia at Eurovision that the singers will be competing for, there is also cash prizes for the top 3, they are:

  1. First Place – 20,000 Euro
  2. Second Place – 15,000 Euro
  3. Third Place – 10,000 Euro

Voting in the contest will be split 50% televote and 50% jury vote. The jury vote will be made up of seven different international juries from across Europe, each jury will be made up of 5 people from the music industry, including singers and producers.

The show will be hosted by Vasil Zafircev who is a famous Macedonian actor. The MRT Orchestra will be conducted by  Ljupcho Mirkovski, while the show will be directed by Skenderovski Valentino.

The full list of participants is as follows:

  1. Lena Zatkoska – Alo
  2. Tanja Carovska – Ako mi se vratis
  3. Danijel Kajmakovski – Esenski lisja
  4. Vera Jankovik – Se plasham
  5. Risto Samardziev & Vlatko Ilievski – Sever-jug
  6. Evgenija Cancalova – Da ne te  sakam
  7. Aleksandra Mihova – Srce cuva spomeni
  8. Lidija Kocovska & Marjan Stojanovski – Sonce niz oblaci
  9. Joce Panov – Ni lj od ljubovta
  10. Goran Naumovski & Sanja Kerkez – Mig bez tebe
  11. Aleksandar Tarabunov & Toni Mihajlovski – Marija
  12. Aleksandra Janeva – Vo tvojot svet
  13. Miyatta – Zaljuben
  14. Tamara Todevska – Brod sto tone
  15. Sanja Gjosevska – Sakam da letam
  16. Nade Talevska – Znam
  17. Viktorija Loba – Edna edinstvena
  18. Verica Pandilovska – Samo za tebe
  19. Nina Janeva – Bluz za…
  20. Dimitar  Andonovski – Se shto ti vetiv

Tickets are on sale now at the venue, with every ticket that is purchased for the show you will be given a CD containing all of the 20 competing songs.

Source: MRT

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