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Final On Thursday
Final On Thursday

Bashkortostan will select their Turkvision participant on October 30th. The final will be held at the Bashkir State Philharmonic, Ufa and will be broadcast live on Курай, the Bashkir music channel.

A total of 10 singers applied to take part in the selection but only 9 will compete in the show which will see the winner representing Bashkortostan in Kazan, Tatarstan next month. The finalists are:

  • Robert Yuldashev
  • Yan Lira
  • Kuraysy
  • Narkas Sirazhetdinova
  • Karavan
  • Es-Salam
  • Artur Shugayupov
  • Ruslan Timerlanov

The winner will be decicded by a jury made up of members from Bashkortostan, Turkey and Tatarstan. Not all of the jury members names have been announced however the following have:

  • Islam Bagirov – Co-ordination of Turkvision 2014
  • Damir Davletshi – CEO of Maidan TV

There will also be performances from other well known Bashkir singers and the representatives from Turkey and Azerbaijan at this years contest.


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