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İpek Amber Has Won

İpek Amber will represent Northern Cyprus at this years Turkvizyon Song Contest in Kazan, Tatarstan. İpek Amber won the Northern Cyprus national selection on Sunday night, the show which took two and a half hours saw a jury and the public vote for the artist they wanted to see represent them in Tatarstan.

The four artists that took part in the show were:

  • İpek Amber – Sessiz Gidiş
  • Fikri Can Kayıkçı – Ağlarsan Düşerim
  • Simge Barut
  • Güler Soybir & İlhan Alihan

She will sing the song “Sessiz Gidiş” which means “Silent Leaving”, you can watch her perform her song below:

3 thoughts on “Northern Cyprus: İpek Amber Is Off To Kazan”

  1. Sessiz gidiş means “Silent leaving”. Please correct it. Turkiye had winner, too. Funda will be representative of Turkish Republic

      1. I wrote you to correct mistranlation Turkish to English.
        Beside, when i mention about Turkiye threre was not an article about it 😉

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