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ESC’15: 60th Anniversary Showed To Be BBC Produced

60 Years Anniversary Show?

According to the BBC will be producing a special 60th Anniversary show in 2015. The show which will celebrate 60 years of the Eurovision Song Contest will see Graham Norton and Petra Mede host an evening of celebrations.

Graham Norton has commentated for the United Kingdom at Eurovision since 2009 and also co-hosted both editions of the Eurovision Dance Contest in London and in Glasgow. While Petra Mede hosted Eurovision 2013 in Malmo, having previously co-hosted Melodifestivalen in Sweden.

The 50th anniversary showed in 2005 “Congratulations: 50 Years of the Eurovision Song Contest” was hosted by DR in Copenhagen, the show that night saw a European vote on 14 songs to find Europe’s favourite Eurovision song, furthermore there were performances across the night from past Eurovision participants. A total of 34 countries broadcast the show, while 10 countries did not broadcast the show including France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The exact content and date of the broadcast has not been revealed.


9 thoughts on “ESC’15: 60th Anniversary Showed To Be BBC Produced”

  1. It looks like our embarrassing capital tries to avoid hosting any Eurovision event. They already missed the opportunity in 2011 and now again a great chance is passing by.

  2. Irish and Swedish presenters in glorious English splendour, A truly wonderful and magical combination. Cannit wait!

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