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22 thoughts on “Iran: Debut at Türkvizyon 2014!”

  1. What has Iran to have with Turks? They’re persians. However good that there’ll less countries than last year. This contest is only invent from stupid Erdogan Regime. Former contest like OTI Festival were better.

    1. hi . i’m iranian and my language is turkey. in iran there are 25 milion turk people. we are azeris and our language is turkish:) sorry my english is bad!

    2. i am sorry for you and Turkic world that many Turkic people haven’t enough information about themselves, nearly 30 millions of 50 millions world’s Azerbaijani Turks lives in Iran and many of us are unaware of this issue, Woe to us !!!

  2. There are more Turks than Persians in Iran. In Southern Azerbaijan there are about 30 millions Azerbaijani Turks. And about 5 millions Qashqai and Turkmens. And Iranian Turks are too much panturkist.

  3. Irib ( the irani national tv) brodcast Turvizyon, this is the first time too, the irani tv is very conservative, turkvision is too much gay for the irani standard

  4. Барыш заслуживают того, чтобы быть первым.
    Barysh birinci olmaq layiqdirlər.
    Barysh ilk olmayı hak.
    باریش لایق اول شدن است.

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