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United Kingdom: Lynsey De Paul Has Died Aged 64

Lynsey De Paul Died Of A Brain Hemorrhage

Lynsey De Paul who represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 1977 has died at the age of 64. Miss De Paul took to the stage in Wembley, United Kingdom alongside Mike Moran with the song “Rock Bottom” finishing in second place with 121 points.

Lynsey De Paul was the first woman to win the Ivor Novello award for songwriting in 1972, an award which she went on to win one more time in 1973. Her breakthrough single was “Sugar Me” which went on to top the charts in The Netherlands, Spain and Belgium, while placing Number 5 in the UK charts.

In recent years De Paul had featured on a number of TV shows on Channel 4 and the BBC featuring as the celebrity guest. Lynsey returned to Eurovision in 2012 as one of the five judges who allocated the points from the UK jury.

Source: BBC

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