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2014 Participation Confirmed
2014 Participation Confirmed

Ukraine will be taking part in Turkvizyon 2014 it has been revealed today. The regional television station Одесса ОДТРК (Odessa ODTRK) will be broadcasting the contest to the Ukrainian public. Ukraine was one of the 26 countries and regions that took part in the first contest last year in Turkey.

It is not known how they will be selecting their participant. Last year Fazile Ibraimova made it to the final of the contest after being internally selected, she came 3rd with a total of 200 points.

Source: ODTRK

3 thoughts on “Ukraine: Turkvizyon 2014 Participation Confirmed”

  1. Its not weird. Odessa is in the East and is massively pro-Russian, And sure it will not sponsor NTUs participation.

  2. its weird that Ukraine have withdrawn from ESC15 due to the political situation in the country, yet they are to take part in Turkvizyon !

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