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JESC’14: Moldova & Azerbaijan Likely To Withdraw

16 Countries Looks Like The Final Number
16 Countries Looks Like The Final Number

With 1 day to go until the announcement of the countries participating in Junior Eurovision 2014 it looks likely that both Moldova and Azerbaijan will be withdrawing from the contest. In a tweet by the official Junior Eurovision Twitter account and in the announcement of Croatia’s participation it was mentioned that 16 countries now looks likely to be the final number of participating countries.

The withdrawal of Azerbaijan from Junior Eurovision would be significant as it would be the first time that Azerbaijan has withdrawn from a Eurovision event. In the past Azerbaijan has expressed interest in hosting Junior Eurovision. Azerbaijan debuted in Junior Eurovision in 2012 but has struggled to meet the success it has seen in adult Eurovision, their best result came in 2013 when Rustam Karimov finished in 7th place with 66 points.

Moldova debuted in Junior Eurovision in the 2010 contest in Belarus, their best result came in 2011 when Lerika finished in 6th place with the song “No, No”. Last year Moldova had their worst result to date finishing second last with a total of 41 points. Moldova this year debuted in Eurovision Young Musicians, their withdrawal from Junior Eurovision would also be their first withdrawal from a Eurovision event.

Source: Junior Eurovision

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  1. Well, it’s looking quite impossible to see 18 countries this year at this point (and it’d be a pity to see Azerbaijan and Moldova walking out on jESC, especially the former) 🙁 – but 16 is already a good number (hoping Vladislav and his staff will have the same kind of effort next year) 😉

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