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It's Tonight!
It’s Tonight!

Tonight sees a total of three shows across the world of Bundesvision, Junior Eurovision and Turkvizyon. It’s a packed night of results, music and different styles.

Could It Be Tonbandgerät?
Could It Be Tonbandgerät?

Bundesvision 2014 takes place in Gottingen, Lower Saxony tonight bringing together the Bundesland of Germany in a Eurovision style song contest. The 10th contest which is taking place sees each of the Bundesland represented by singers from that region, big names include Andreas Bourani and Max Mutzke. The regions and their artists are:

  • Baden-Württemberg – Max Mutzke – Charlotte
  • Bavaria – Andreas Bourani – Auf anderen Wegen (On other ways)
  • Berlin – Miss Platnum – Hüftgold (Love Handles)
  • Brandenburg – Kitty Kat – Hochhaus (Skyscraper)
  • Bremen – Revolverheld – Lass uss gehen (Let us go)
  • Hamburg – Nico Suave feat. Flo Mega – Gedicht (Poem)
  • Hesse – OK Kid – Unterwasserleibe (Underwater love)
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – Marteria – Mein Rostock (My Rostock)
  • Lower Saxony – Sierra Kidd – 20,000 Rosen (20,000 Roses)
  • North Rhine-Westphalia – Maxim – Alles versucht (Tried Everything)
  • Rhineland-Palatinate – Jupiter Jones – Plötzlich hält die Welt an (Suddenly the world stops turning)
  • Saarland – Inglebirds – Getti
  • Saxony – Sebastian Hackel – Warum sie lacht (Why she laughs)
  • Saxony-Anhalt – Teesy – Keine Rosen (No Roses)
  • Schleswig-Holstein – Tonbandgerät – Alles geht (Everything goes)
  • Thuringia – Duerer – Was guestern war (What was yesterday)

The rules state that all songs must include German in them. Televote is worked out per region, each region is allowed to give themselves points, this normally results in all regions receiving points.

The show can be watched live from 20:15 CET on ProSieben.

Live From 19:00 CET
Live From 19:00 CET

The second semi final in Junior Songfestival takes place in the Netherlands. The final four participants will perform, with two acts qualifying for next weeks final. As always the qualifiers will be selected by a Kids Jury, Adult Jury and a public televote. The acts that do not qualify will be put into an online vote to select one last finalist.

Competing tonight are:

  • Anique & Anne – Dromen
  • Beau – De Wind
  • Julia – Around
  • Sebastiaan – Samen

The show can be watched live on NPO 3 from 19:00 CET.

Tatarstan Decides
Tatarstan Decides

Finally Tatarstan the host nation of Turkvizyon 2014 selects their song for the contest. A total of 23 artists will be competing to represent the region on home soil this November. The show will see performances from a number of big name local acts including Alina Sharipzhanova who finished in 3rd place in Turkvizyon 2013.

The 23 competitors are:

  • Albert Ismail (Альберт Исмаил)
  • Alina Davodya (Алинә Давыдова)
  • Artur Minhazheev & Marat Galimov (Артур Минһаҗев һәм Марат Галимов)
  • Ai-Fa-Ra (Ай-Фа-Ра) (Group)
  • Bolgar Kyzlary (Болгар кызлары)
  • Ilvina Minnegalieva (Ильвина Миннегалиева)
  • Rishat & Aigöl Shaeikhyetdinovlar (Ришат һәм Айгөл Шәйхетдиновлар)
  • Veronika Kuznetsova (Вероника Кузнецова)
  • Gaelnaz Asayeva (Гөлназ Асаева)
  • Ilgiz Shəykhraziyev(Илгиз Шәйхразиев)
  • Kazan World (Group)
  • Gaelnaz Battalova (Гөлназ Батталова)
  • Gyzel Zheihanshina (Гүзәл Җиһаншина )
  • Liliana Gazizova (Лилиана Газизова)
  • Irina Sayffulliana
  • Shyraele (Шүрәле) (Group)
  • Nurzadə (Нурзадә)
  • Chulpan Aekhmaetzheanova (Чулпан Әхмәтҗанова)
  • Aygel Tutash (Айгөл туташ)
  • Alqant (Group)
  • Ilysuae Kuzheina (Илюсә Хуҗина)
  • Lyudmila Alanly (Людмила Аланлы)
  • Yuliya Garifullina (Юлия Гарифуллина)

The show can be watched live on Maidan TV, a specific time has not been given as to when it will be broadcast, however it is expected to be around 17:00 CET.

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  1. Junior Songfestival is at NPO3 ^^

    Anyway, exciting night, I’ll probably watch Bundesvision and the Dutch JESC semi (since I live in the Netherlands). XD

  2. Hello Anthony
    You may not know it, but the definitive line up for the ABU TV Song Festival 2014, has been announced

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