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13 thoughts on “San Marino: JESC 2014 Participation Confirmed”

  1. I think 19 countries will participate in Malta:

    Albania (return)
    Bulgaria (return)
    Cyprus (return)
    Italy (debut)
    Malta (host country)
    Montenegro (debut)
    San Marino
    Serbia (return)
    Slovenia (debut)
    Spain (return)

    And only FYR Macedonia will withdraw.

    1. 18 countries? WHAT PILLS DID YOU TAKE? ALBANIA?! WTF?!?! I think you’re dreaming?! xD 100%, spain, albania etc. won’t return. OMG you’re so childish everyone you’re so hesitating about JESC because it has became your whole life-thing OMG i can’t stop laughing… 😀

  2. Albania still have not confirmed their ESC participation, I doubt they care about JESC. And I also have no hope for Spain now!

  3. YES!!!!!!!!!! San Marino will not leave! 🙂 But one thing is weird. Earlier this day, i thought that San Marino won’t leave, and now they confirmed. One the same day that Macedonia withdraws, i fought that they will withdraw. And with Slovenia, i thought that they will participate, the same day they confirmed! 🙂

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