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Spain: Eurovision 2015 Participation Confirmed

Spain Will Be In Vienna

RTVE of Spain has just confirmed that they will be participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Spain was the last of the “Big 5” nations to confirm participation in this years contest. The “Big Five” are the five largest financial contributors to the European Broadcasting Union and so directly qualify for the final.

The details of the selection method for 2015 have not been announced.

Source: RTVE


4 thoughts on “Spain: Eurovision 2015 Participation Confirmed”

  1. Let’s see who will be the next artist to represent us the next year… David Pop and the band Sweet California could be great representatives of Spain in the ESC.

    Anyway, we still don’t know if TVE will use The HIT as selection process.

    1. It is rumored that TVE is interested in Abraham Mateo as the next representative of our country. I want to think that those rumors are not true, but knowing TVE, everything is possible.

      1. I think that Abraham Mateo is the spanish version of Justin Biever, Very succesful but vocally poor. The best choice for spain would be Malú.

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