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Internal Selection Returns

France 2 the broadcaster in charge of France’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest has announced that the artist and song for 2015 will be selected internally by the channel. In 2014 the public had 1 month to vote for one of three songs broadcast on “Les Chansons D’Abord”.

France 2 has also given more details on how the contest will be broadcaster after the contest shifted from France 3 to France 2 over the summer. Both of the semi finals will be broadcaster on France Ô which is broadcast in both France as well as their overseas territories. The final will be broadcaster live on France 2. All of the shows will be broadcast live online on, as well as backstage footage from the contest. Traditionally France Ô has only broadcast the semi final in which France votes and not the other semi final in which they are not eligible to vote in.


2 thoughts on “France: Revert To Internal Selection”

  1. I really really really hope this means that France has something big in mind for Eurovision 2015. I’d love to see them walk away from Austria with a great finish, maybe even a win.

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