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Portugal Will Not Return This Year
Portugal Will Not Return This Year

RTP have decided that they will not return to Junior Eurovision in 2014, this comes despite saying in July that they would return to the contest this year according to ESCPortugal. RTP last participated in Junior Eurovision from 2006-2008, before withdrawing due to the financial crisis which started in 2009.

This brings the number of participants down to 14 countries, but still sees a total of 3 debuting nations (Italy, Montenegro & Slovenia) and 3 returning countries (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Serbia) which is still the largest number of participants since 2010.

Source: ESCPortugal

9 thoughts on “Portugal: Will Not Take Part In JESC 2014”

  1. And who spread this wrong information?! Of course: Oikotimes! As I said so some days before: DO NOT BELIEVE ANY CRAP! And don’t be so pissed it’s just a MUSIC CONTEST, not your life! OMG you’re so annoying everyone here arggggh….

    1. I wouldn’t say they’re annoying, haha I find them hilarious getting so worked up because countries wont participate, makes me laugh how seriously people take it LOL

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