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Macedonia Are Out
Macedonia Are Out

FYR Macedonia has been confirmed today as not taking part in this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest. We have understood since July that Macedonian participation in the contest was highly unlikely and that withdrawal from the contest was expected. The Macedonian national broadcaster has told that:

On stage are the active preparation and implementation of new programming projects for the 2014-2015 season, as well as several content marking our big anniversary MRT 50/70 years.All technical, human and financial capacities are directed towards the attainment of these goals, so this year we decided to make a break with the participation in the project Children Contest 2014 This is a common move when needed and do the other member countries of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU ). But that does not mean MRT withdrawing from further participation in this prestigious children’s music event.

FYR Macedonia was one of the original 16 countries who debuted in the contest back in 2003 and participated every year up to 2011. They then withdrew from the 2012 contest before returning last year. However in Kiev Macedonia finished in last place with the song “Ohrid i Muzika” which scored just 19 points overall.


13 thoughts on “FYR Macedonia: Will Not Take Part In JESC 2014”

    1. To my understanding at the minute Macedonia and one other country will be withdrawing from the contest this year.

      1. @ Anthony

        Do you know which other country will be withdrawing?

        And what about any other possible returns, i.e. of Albania, Norway (by TV 2) or Spain (through a private broadcaster)? Do you have any information about that?

    1. I’ve talked to people at the EBU and they have said that Macedonia is not taking part. never normally does any articles whatsoever on countries withdrawing from the contest.

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