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Turkey & the Maldives Debut!
Turkey & the Maldives Debut!

A total of 12 countries are so far confirmed as taking part in the ABU TV Song Festival 2014. The news comes via a Tweet from the Indonesian Head of Delegation which shows a number of countries are confirmed and have selected both their artist and song.

The countries taking part and their participants are:

  • Australia – SBS – Dami Im – Super Love/Gladiator
  • Brunei – RTB – Md. Hawzan Bin Hj – Awg Madial (Hear Me)
  • China – CCTV
  • Hong Kong – TVB – Fredrick Cheng
  • Indonesia – Tere Cia – Dimana Hatimu (Where is Your Heart?)
  • Japan – NHK
  • Macau – TDM – 刃記 (Blademark) – Heartcore
  • Maldives – IBC – Mariyam Unoosha – Heaven on Earth
  • South Korea – KBS – Girl’s Day
  • Thailand – NBT – Jetrin Wattanasin – 7th Heaven
  • Turkey – TRT – Manga – Fazla Aşkı Olan Var Mı? (Does Anyone have love spare?)
  • Vietnam – VTV – Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh – Xuan van sang dieu ki (Spring still comes magically)

The news means that we have two debuting nations in this years contest the Maldives, as well as Turkey. A full list of participating countries and artists is expected shortly from the ABU.

Turkey will be of real interest to many fans as it currently only takes part in the Turkvision Song Contest. Turkish participation in this years contest also could show that Turkey will be hosting the contest in 2015 alongside the ABU General Meeting. Furthermore Turkey are being represented by the same band  who represented them at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo who finished in third place.

Source: Benny Simanjuntak

7 thoughts on “ABU TV Song Festival 2014: 12 Countries Confirmed So Far”

  1. Jeje! This Erdogan TRT Board Looks very funny. If they still want to be a EU member.They shouldnt participate with China,Iran and Afghanistan but with Sweden,Germany,Norway…

    1. As stated in the article it does seem like they are participating this year so that they know how to host the 2015 contest next year alongside the ABU General Assembly meeting in Istanbul.

  2. This seems interesting. It’s interesting to see that Girl’s Day are representing South Korea. Apart from that country, Hong Kong, China and specially Japan are my favourite countries.

    I hope Japan sends Nana Mizuki as their representant.

    1. That would be perfect, but the contest must evolve into a competition and apart from that, the limit of participating contries should be extended so that the event gains worldwide interest.

      I’m sure that the ABU will understand in the near future.

  3. I hope to see more countries confirmed. Anyway, I think taht it’s going to be a great show.

    What I don’t know, is why did they put a limit of 15 countries to take part in the ATSF. If I were the ABU, I would extend the limit to 20, so that any contry could participate.

  4. I also would like to see more countries there, for examle, Mongolia, Myanmar, the Central Asian Republics, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many more.

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