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Turkey: Will Not Participate In Eurovision 2015

Turkey Are Out Of Eurovision
Turkey Are Out Of Eurovision have reported tonight that Turkey will not be participating in Eurovision 2015. Ms.Yağmur TÜZÜN, Head of International Public Relations at TRT told the site that:

TRT won’t be participating in the 2015 contest in Austria and the future remains to be seen

In recent days it had been thought that Turkey would return due to a news report which mentioned that Eurovision participation was being discussed at the broadcaster. Turkey last took part in the contest in 2012 in Azerbaijan, but has since withdrawn due to issues over the Big 5 and the jury voting.

TRT launced it’s own song contest last year, Turkvision, which is a contest between Turkic language nations and regions such as Kazakhstan, Gagauzia, Northern Cyprus and Tatarstan.


14 thoughts on “Turkey: Will Not Participate In Eurovision 2015”

  1. They said they would Annonce it on September. Another of that broadcasters that is completely stupid.

  2. Do we hope unjustly. Turkey will never return to the competition. They have expressed their grievances and the EBU is not going to change. Also, Turkey is an homophobic country.

  3. If there were people like the ones from junior eurovision. Vlad and his Team have make lots of effort that Even countries like Slovenia or Portugal Who First Said no want to participate. And so they could beat Turkey too. It’s more easier to convince them as TVE from Spain and theyr’e still fighting for make Spain return.

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