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Submissions Open Now

Kyrgyzstan have opened their online application process for taking part castings for their national final. No dates have been announced as to when the castings or the national final will take place however the online application process is now online.

To take part you must be able to travel from Kyrgyzstan to Russia for the contest, have an original song which is between 3 and 4 minutes long and be a citizen of Kyrgyzstan. To fill in the application form click here.


10 thoughts on “Kyrgyzstan: Turkvision Castings Open”

  1. According to an interview with Luke Fisher EBU are in talks with at least 5 countries. Some of them participated in 2012 (Albania Belgium and Israel)

    1. In the interview, they say something about Greece, so could you translate it so I can understand it ?? Thank you!! And are there any chances for Greece to participate in Junior Eurovision again.??

      1. He was asked what would Happen with Greece after they Said yes and later no. He answered that they have Talked with most broadcasters but NERIT initialy Said no. A return is still possible.

  2. Very funny! First They say that they are no Longer interested.(Maybe after 2012 Belgium thought: Well Junior Eurovision is dead we should Leave it before it collapses) And 1 year later after they saw that JESC is “rising like a phoenix” they want be back. Such oportunists

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