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6 thoughts on “Georgia: Lizi Pop Is Off To Malta”

  1. Oh?! I thought Georgia would select a Music band as usual and as it was announced this week. Now it’s just Lizi and not Dea and Sofi. I don’t understand. :/

    1. Dea and Sofi will be on backing vocals, but Lizi is being put forward now as the main singer, instead of them being a group.

    1. I’m sorry for asking, but where did you learn this ? I’m from Greece and I would really love to see my country participate again in Junior Eurovision, so this comment fixed my day. 🙂

  2. Yes! I hope Greece will take part, and the 4 others from last year, and i hope Slovenia debut! That will make 20 countries! And i hope Spain and Albania and Israel will also return! 🙂 that will make 23! But Spain and Israel are very unlikely.

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