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JESC’14: Participants List Delayed Until September

No Announcement Until September
No Announcement Until September

The list of participating countries in Junior Eurovision 2014 will be revealed in September not today as previously announced. The Junior Eurovision account on Facebook posted the following:

It’s summer and August is by far the most popular month to take a nice relaxing holiday in Europe…..which is why several countries have asked us to extend the deadline for them to finalise their JESC entries. This means that all of the important staff, decision-makers and talent are back and ready to get organised. Due to the huge interest this year, we want to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to be part of JESC, so an announcement on the participants will occur in September.

So far a total of 13 countries have been officially confirmed by the EBU as taking part, while Portugal has been confirmed by ESCPortugal but not by the EBU yet. Debuting this year are Italy & Montenegro, while

Source: Junior Eurovision Facebook

7 thoughts on “JESC’14: Participants List Delayed Until September”

  1. Oh guys, it’s just a music contest. ^^ It’s not that worth to be sad! You’re not living for that! Maybe, waiting for the list becomes very successful for you, because some countries which are hesitating about a participation at the moment could say YES in september. So don’t be pissed… Sometimes I think there are just small kids roundabout 12years here at Eurovoix, sitting in front of the computers and writing stupid & childish stuff. :& Ca m’énerve!

    1. Indeed, i don’t living for JESC, but i am very curious which countries will take part! 🙂 . So that’s why! 🙂 . But i aren’t sad, it was my first reaction 😐

      1. Me too! @keysaa Why are you talking so negative about people who are just really curious about which countries will take part and are a bit sad when they don’t get the news on the day it was meant to come. 🙂

  2. Everyone deserves a vacation. But I was really hoping for surprises from the following countries:

    *San Marino

    And yes, that would make a total of 18 countries, along with the other 14.

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