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Liechtenstein: No Debut in 2015

No 2015 Debut
No 2015 Debut

1FLTV the national broadcaster of Liechtenstein has confirmed they will not be debuting at the Eurovision SOng Contest 2015.  The broadcaster has said that while they are interested in taking part in the contest a lack of funding for EBU membership means that participation for the time being is impossible.

Liechtenstein is the only Central European nation left that could feasibly debut at he Eurovision Song Contest. Up until 1FLTV’s launch in 2008 the tiny nation had lacked its own television station.


1 thought on “Liechtenstein: No Debut in 2015”

  1. And why does the EBU is doing nothing for bring former participants back? It will never have the record of 45 if Jon Ola Sand does nothing. Learn a bit of Vladislav Yakovlev Mr. Sand!

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