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Slovenia: Debuting in Junior Eurovision?

Is Slovenia Debuting?
Is Slovenia Debuting?

Slovenia may be debuting at this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta. Over the past couple of days speculation has risen as reptile whether the Balkan nation will be in Malta this November.

Earlier this week the Executive Supervisor of Junior Eurovision Vladislav Yakovlev was in Ljubljana for a 1 hour meeting with RTVSLO the Slovenian national broadcaster. No details were revealed as to what was discussed at the meeting however it is believed that only Junior Eurovision or Eurovision Young Dancers could have been the subject if the talks.

Furthermore when contacted by fans RTVSLO has not said they will not take part in the contest, telling Slovenian super fan Katja that:

We will have a look for you and give you further details when available.

So far Montenegro and Italy are debuting at this years contest, while Serbia and Cyprus have been confirmed as returning while Bulgaria are said to be returning but this has not been confirmed by

4 thoughts on “Slovenia: Debuting in Junior Eurovision?”

  1. Wow this is amazing. If Slovenia does take part I hope Macedonia will be able to see that they should participate. Also next year I wonder if Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina will follow their Ex-Yugoslav brethren’s lead.

    I expect to see 17 countries participate this year:
    -The 13 already confirmed countries
    -San Marino

    And possibly Macedonia.

  2. Bulgaria is already confirmed by the Broadcaster. It was announced at TV. They have already selected Chris Todorova as singer

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