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Bulgaria Are Back!
Bulgaria Are Back!

BNT of Bulgaria have confirmed their return to Junior Eurovision for this years contest in Malta. Bulgaria last took part in the contest in 2011 when the contest was held in Yerevan, Armenia. The news means that the number of participating countries has reached 13 more than in 2013.

Bulgaria have already selected their entrant internally with Krisia Todorova. Participation is being funded by BTV a new Bulgarian broadcaster who are working with BNT Bulgarias EBU member station. Krisia who is 10 was announced as their entrant on “Slavi’s Show” on Friday.

Update: on July 31 confirmed that Bulgaria was now officially returning with all paperwork having been handed in to the EBU.

Source: Eurovision Bulgaria

16 thoughts on “Bulgaria: Return To Junior Eurovision”

  1. To these 13 countries we will probably have 3-4 more entries: Azerbaijan, San Marino, Moldova and Norway/Belgium. What a show that will be in November. No need to get more interval acts than participants

  2. @ Patrick:

    Maybe even mor than just 3-4 more… According to oikotimes EBU is also negotating with Poland & Slovenia. So 13 plus the 4 undecided countries from last year (you forgot Macedonia) plus Belgium, Norway, Poland and Slovenia could even make up to a record breaking 21 paticipants!

    1. don’t listen to oiktiotimes they talk bullshit most of the time and are just posting mere rumours, unlike okiotimes editors, Anthony does check with members of the JESC steering group (Vlad and Kath Locket) about participating countries before he publishes articles, the so called news that Norway and Albania were close to confirming participation was false, EBU was only in talks with Norway, I would expect oikiotimes to be making it up about Poland, Belgium and Norway. Slovenia story though looks more realistic but then again the meeting Vlad went to in Slovenia could be for EYM or EYD.

  3. @ Zorro: Here on there was an article saying that Macedonia is very unlikely to take part this year in JESC. But as Bulgaria, Montenegro and Serbia all take part, they could have made up their mind.

  4. I don’t think Norway, Belgium, Poland and Slovenia will take part. If it will be 16 countries I think they are Moldova, Azerbaijan and San Marino.

    1. Vlad Yakovlev has a list of countries to talk. And most likely some of them are Poland,Spain,Slovenia,Norway Romania and Belgium. There could be more than 16 countries as I think Vlad is still hungry for bring more countries back. And he said that if initially a country says no there is no case closed. Macedonia will participate cause having so many neighbours they will not have last place anymore.

  5. Well, you never know. Who had really expected Montenegro to debut or Bulgaria to return?!! But if it should be “only” 16 countries in the end, it would be fantastic already!

  6. omg! I’ts still july and already 13 countries plus confirming that Bulgaria and Serbia will both compete most likely in Austria too!

  7. I have a question… Why don’t see at there are really articles and the autor is Vlad Yakovlev! See that!

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