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More Turkvizyon News
More Turkvizyon News

The budget and rules for this years Turkvizyon Song Contest have been announced. RBC are reporting that the contest will be staged with a budget of between $3-3.5 million, this cost is covered by the Republic of Tatarstan, Maidan TV (Host broadcaster), TMB (Launch broadcaster) as well as investors in the contest.

Furthermore rules have been introduced this year to ensure that a situation like 2013 does not occur again. All participants must have been selected by the 30th of September through an internal selection or open selection. The songs that take part in the contest must be new, this means that we cannot see a repeat of Ukraine in 2013 who sent a modern version of a song which had previously been released – see more here. Furthermore every country must go through the semi final stage, this means that the host nation of Tatarstan does not automatically make it to the final of their own contest.

Also to help promote the contest, all participating broadcasters must broadcaster either 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 90 second adverts about the contest and Kazan in the run up to this years contest.

Source: RBC

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