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14 Countries Confirmed To Take Part

An agreement has been signed this week between the host broadcaster of Tatarstan Maydan Television and a number of other broadcasters over taking part in this years contest. The agreement see’s the following countries and regions confirming they will take part:

  • Azerbaijan – ATV
  • Bashkortostan – Kurai TV
  • Crimea – STRC Crimea
  • Iraq – Turkmeneli TV
  • Karachay-Cherkessia
  • Kazakhstan – Astana TV
  • Khakassia
  • Kyrgyzstan – KTRK
  • Moldova – Gaugazia – GRT
  • Northern Cyprus – GENC TV
  • Russia – TMB Russia – Your World East
  • Turkey – TRT Avaz

This brings the number of confirmed participants in this years contest up to 14, with the Altai Republic confirming their intent to take part in the contest earlier this year, while Tatarstan will be taking part as the host nation.

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5 thoughts on “Turkvizyon’14: Agreement Signed With A Number Of Countries”

    1. That article was written by me, about other sites who said Crimea would not take part. Those sites gave no source at all about why Crimea would not be taking part and had not contacted the Crimean broadcaster either. That article was acknowledging the reports but pointing out reasons as to why it seemed unlikely that they would be withdrawing.

      The source in the article today specifically states Crimea as signing an agreement to take part this year, along with 11 other countries, at the launch of the contest this year in Tatarstan.

  1. Good news! I want to see Bulgaria, Xinjiang, Turkmenistan and Moldova to debut in Türkvizyon this year too.

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