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Kazan, Tatarstan Is This Year’s Host City

The dates for the second Türkvizyon Song Contest have been announced today in a meeting in Kazan, Tatarstan. The contest will take place in November from the 19th and 21st, on the 19th a semi final will take place which will select the top.12 countries who will participate in the final on the 21st.

It is expected that more than 20 countries and regions will take part in this years contest with so far the host nation of Tatarstan along with the Altai Republic, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan confirming they will take part.

Source: TMB.TV

1 thought on “Türkvizyon’14: Contest Dates Announced”

  1. I hoped it would be something like 17th and 19th December. Türkvizyon 2013 was like a Christmas-Eurovision, and I liked that!

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