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JESC’14: Czech Republic, Austria & Latvia Will Not Take Part

Three Countries Say No
Three Countries Say No

It has been revealed that the Czech Republic, Austria & Latvia will both not be participating in Junior Eurovision this November in Malta.

Out of the three countries only Latvia has previously taken part in the contest debuting back in 2003 before withdrawing after 2005, only to return for the 2010 and 2011 contests. LTV did however say that they were considering returning to the contest in the coming years.

The Czech Republic and Austria have both never taken part in the contest and have said they will not debut at Junior Eurovision this year. Austria won both the Eurovision Song Contest and Eurovision Young Musicians this year and it was thought that there was a small possibility that this would make them look at taking part in the Junior Contest. The Czech Republic however has not taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2009 and currently only participates in Eurovision Young Musicians and Eurovision Young Dancers which it will host in 2015.

So far a total of 10 countries have confirmed participation with Cyprus returning and Italy debuting in Malta.

Source: Maxim Shapoval

15 thoughts on “JESC’14: Czech Republic, Austria & Latvia Will Not Take Part”

    1. No news, unfortunately. I sent letters to all four broadcasters, but none of them did not answer me.

      1. EBU told at Twitter that there could be another debuting country. So Far all countries who can debut have Said no with excepcion of Bosnia Herzegowina Slovakia Montenegro Turkey Andorra Monaco and Luxembug. But last Four are highly unlikely.

        1. I think first Two are highly unlikely too. So, maybe Montenegro will make their debut in this year contest, or Hungary reverse their decision.

          1. Is it true that Maltese Broadcaster is looking for people who speak French and Spanish? Thanks

        2. Mikheev, Andy (21 October 2013). “Junior Eurovision News”. Retrieved 10 December 2013. “The finalists of the Academy of Music Eurovision are now getting ready for the main event. In late November, kids will meet again in Kyiv, where they will be trained at the academy and fight for the right to participate in the national qualifying rounds for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Two representatives from Kazakhstan will be eligible to take part in a live broadcast of Ukrainian Junior Eurovision national preselection in Artek in the summer of 2014 – so maybe the debut will come from Kazakhstan or even Kosovo

  1. I didn’t think Latvia and Austria to take part anyway, but I hoped for Czech Republic. 🙁

  2. Maybe the EBU said that one country was interested in a debút before that country (Czech Republic or Austria) refused its interest

    1. I bet Montenegro and Estonia could debut, and Albania, Bulgaria, and Israel should all return. And that would make a total of 15.

    2. Nop, If then they would have Said it. This news came at the Same Day when Czech Republic and Austria Said no.

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