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21 thoughts on “Italy: Junior Eurovision Debut In Malta”

  1. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Anthony do you know when is the deadline? Norway will most Likely participate with TV2 after 9 years absence

    1. I don’t know the deadline for participating countries to sign up, I’ll send an email to find out tomorrow.

  3. I estimate the number of countries in 16-18 Albania and Norway are considering to return Hungary will debut as RAI is one of the owners of SMRTV San Marino Macedonia Azerbaijan and Moldova will stay and hopely if Spain follows Italy or Romania returns there could be 18

  4. I think there’ll be around 14 competing countries this year.
    In addition to the so-far confirmed ones, I believe the following will compete.
    -San Marino

    Romania and the Czech Republic both seem interested in the contest, but I doubt they’d participate. Also, I don’t know why people are saying Norway will participate. The Norwegian broadcaster can’t stand Junior Eurovision, saying it exploits children and sexualizes them, and also they already confirmed they will not take part. I hope Albania, Croatia, Finland, Latvia, and Lithuania rejoin the contest, but I doubt they will.

    1. Also, I believe Macedonia will withdraw. Unless, there’s some surprises I’m actually fairly certain this is what’ll happen.

    2. It was reported by oikotimes.It will not be NRK but TV2. Macedonian is requested for be a volunteer at Jesc so it seems that Macedonia will participate

      1. Do not trust Oikotimes, it is not a reliable site. I checked the article and they don’t provide a source, meaning you definitely shouldn’t trust it


    Hungary is ‘most likely’ to debut this year too. I have heard from my Hungarian friend that MTVA prepares a contest for kids. Also, Norway’s TV2 is ready to confirm participation for JESC too but I am not sure 100% cause I don’t TRUST Oikotimes. Finally, Macedonia seems to have their participation at 50-50% so they will take part again. I have start thinking that we will surpass for sure 12 Countries.

  6. I have heard from a polish friend that Poland will return to Jesc. Is this true? He says that he has received an e-Mail of TVP.

    1. escspain….

      Maybe, this year the people of TVP were very happy with the ESC result of My Slowianie so that means they will enter JESC too from their happiness.

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