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Greece: Will Not Participate In JESC 2014

Greece Will Not Return To JESC In 2014
Greece Will Not Return To JESC In 2014

NERIT the national broadcaster of Greece has informed that Greece will not take part in Junior Eurovision 2014. This news comes as a shock due to the announcement in May that Greece would be returning the contest for the first time since 2008.

Artei Kalesaki from the Public Relations Department at NERIT told us that:

Following  a discussion with our administration , we would like to inform you that NERIT is not planning to participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014. 

A reason as to why Greece will not take part in this years contest was not given by NERIT. This decision brings the number of participating countries back down to 9, however Cyprus will still be returning to the contest after withdrawing following the 2009 contest.

Source: NERIT


13 thoughts on “Greece: Will Not Participate In JESC 2014”

  1. Greece has said that it is not PLANNING to participate in JESC 2014.Also it was not reported by NERIT that Greece will not participate in JESC 2014.That means that we can reverse our decision.

  2. Come on! The cypriot Return is already a reason for return. Esc plus should be more clearer. This meens that also the interview with Spanish Head of Delegation was false. And Oikotimes was right. But the rumours about Greece withdrawing from ESC are false.

    1. The news from ESC+Plus regarding Spain is entirely correct, I’ve talked to other people around the contest that have given me the same information.

      1. Well no one knows. In 2011 Spain and Italy were intersted to return/debut along with San Marino but finaly didn’t participate. Maybe they have started negotiatons with Italy (for sure) and Spain again. Germany already said no.

  3. When I heard that Greece returns, I was really happy. Now, I’m really disappointed.. 🙁 But NERIT had told that they would take part in Eurovision, Eurovision Young Musicians AND Junior Eurovision.. Why not to take part now..?? They took part in Young Musicians and they don’t participate in Junior Eurovision.. !! I can’t believe it!! I hope NERIT will reverse their opinion

  4. Despite the fact that Greece will not participate in Malta, I think there is a possibility to reverse it’s decision or broadcast the show.On the other hand if Cyprus won’t change their mind I’ll be able to watch the show through the Cypriot broadcaster RIK as it also broadcasts the show to Greece.

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