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9 thoughts on “Ireland: Will Not Debut At JESC 2014”

  1. Maybe we’ll debut in 2015, maybe we won’t. But sadly for me, i’m almost 16 so I can’t sing for Ireland here xD

    Sad day, sad day. But I was hopeful for TG4. I know they can do it next year, I just know it.

  2. Very interesting to see how enthusiastic you were when JESC 2014-season began and how you behave disappointly right now. I know that there would be again just 12 participating countries, and you told me there would be more than 20! XD

    1. It can be more than 12! If Hungary and Italy decides to debut, Moldova, Azerbaijan, and San Marino continues to participate, and Cyprus and Romania return, it will be 16 countries! (I think Macedonia will withdraw) So it is a hope for more than 12 countries!

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