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Cyprus: Decision On Participation In The Next Week

Decision Within The Next Week
Decision Within The Next Week

According to in Cyprus the Cypriot broadcaster PIK will make a decision on participation in Eurovision 2015 in the next week. It was announced in May that PIK were looking at returning to the contest after a one year break due to the financial crisis.

It is expected that PIK will follow NERIT’s lead and get private sponsors or record labels involved in the competition to lower the cost of participation. This would lead to a national final like in 2012 where 1 artist sings multiple songs and the public select the song, or a multi-artist national final like in most other countries.


14 thoughts on “Cyprus: Decision On Participation In The Next Week”

    1. It is both CyBC and PIK, CyBC is the English translation, PIK is the Greek abbreviation.

  1. is a Cypriot newspaper and not Greek. Also the Cyprus Broadcaster is CyBC ant ton PIK . We call it PIK only in Greek language.

  2. Dear Anthony Granger is Cypriot online Newspaper and not Greek . Pls correct it . Thanks 🙂

  3. since Cyprus confirm JESC participation then 100000000000% will be in Austria also 😀

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