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5 thoughts on “Indonesia: Theresia Hutabarat Has Been Selected For ATSF’14”

  1. She seems to have a beautiful voice, but I don’t know why Indonesia has been sending ballads all these years to the ATSF. I think that all the songs they have sent are very beautiful, but I would like to see more uptempo songs from that country. (Why not Monica Agnes or Indah Dewi Pertiwi?)

  2. It has been posted another video of her in the studio singing the song. I’m willing to see the full song and the video, but I think that we will have to wait one month at least.

  3. Indonesia’s song for the ABU TV Song Festival, sung by Tere Cia, has been revealed.

    The tittle of the song is “Dimana hatimu” and here is the link of the video in youtube.

    1. It’s the same song she was singing in the first video!!!. I recognise that at the first listen the song didn’t like it to me but after hearing it several times, now I think that it is a good song, ( I don’t imagine it winning if the festival turned into a competition but it’s OK). Her voice sounds also well, and the performance will be well too.

      1. Mmmm!!!, Nice ballad, but the video leaves a lot to be desired. I wonder why the media has not said anything about the release of the song?

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