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Turkmenistan: Could Debut At The ABU TV Song Festival 2014

Turkmenistan Could Make ATSF Debut In Macau

Turkmen Television the national broadcaster of Turkmenistan could debut at this years ABU TV Song Festival in Macau. Turkmen TV sent a delegation to meet with the ABU in February this year, at the meeting future participation in both the ABU TV Song Festival and the ABU Radio Song Festival was discussed.

To date Turkmenistan has not taken part in either contest, the only central Asian country to have taken part in either contest is Kyrgyzstan who debuted in the ABU TV Song Festival in 2014 and the ABU Radio Song Festival in 2012 but did not take part in the 2014 contest.

Source: ABU

5 thoughts on “Turkmenistan: Could Debut At The ABU TV Song Festival 2014”

    1. They may not be part of the ABU, but the ABU are working together with Turkmen TV on the project.

    2. According to the ABU website, Turkmenistan is actually a full member of the Asia-pacific Broadcasting Union, which means that the coutry can take part in the ABU song festivals.

  1. Well. I hope these rumors will confirm and Turkmenistan participates this year. For example, I would like to see Laçyn Mammedowa or Ayna Nuryewa, representing that country. They are both well known singers in Turkmenistan. In fact, Laçyn Mammedowa represented her country in 5 zvezd in 2008.

    1. I have listened some songs of the singers you have said and I prefer Laçyn Mammedowa. I think that she’s more experienced. Her voice is powerful and her songs have got a great potential.

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