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5 thoughts on “Turkmenistan: Could Debut At The ABU TV Song Festival 2014”

    1. According to the ABU website, Turkmenistan is actually a full member of the Asia-pacific Broadcasting Union, which means that the coutry can take part in the ABU song festivals.

  1. Well. I hope these rumors will confirm and Turkmenistan participates this year. For example, I would like to see Laçyn Mammedowa or Ayna Nuryewa, representing that country. They are both well known singers in Turkmenistan. In fact, Laçyn Mammedowa represented her country in 5 zvezd in 2008.

    1. I have listened some songs of the singers you have said and I prefer Laçyn Mammedowa. I think that she’s more experienced. Her voice is powerful and her songs have got a great potential.

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