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15 thoughts on “JESC’14: EBU In Discussions With Two Of The Big 5”

  1. The two are Spain and Italy. Germany already said That they will not debut. France is highly unlikely and UK will not return. The News of escplus about Spain does not mean they will not participate.

    1. I cannot see Spain taking part, the Head of Delegation for Spain is 100% against taking part in the contest. The only way Spain would take part would be if they get rid of their current HoD.

      1. He Said that f they would take part they will call for songs. TVE needs something like Eurojunior again as their new Production is having very poor viewing figures.

  2. I’m from Italy and I’m hoping that my country will partecipate for the 1st time. Unfortunately I think also that JESC shares stereotypes of young talents and contest of childern deeply different from ours…in the sense that it’s not imaginable (for an Italian) to see a child singing a crappy song like that georgians in these years….Italian audience has a very old and conservative opinions about the use of children in tv…some adults are protesting against shows like Ti Lascio Una Canzone, seen as an exploitment of the image of kids only for share and business. So, the JESC, if Italy will join in the participants, in my opinion, can have some difficulties to be understood and followed. Anyway…FINGERS CROSSED!!

    1. They can still be on the table for discussions, whether they take part is another thing, but if the EBU want Germany in the contest and they can offer a deal NDR can’t refuse then it could happen.

  3. Why not France? Maybe they search for success at JESC (6th place in 2004) after a lack of good places at ESC

      1. France took part once and withdrew because they said “Too much Eurovision kills Eurovision”. The fact that viewing figures for Eurovision have dropped by 1.4 million in the past 2 years is a sign that interest in France is reaching all time lows.

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