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Russia: Eurovision 2015 Participation Confirmed

Russia Will Be In Austria
Russia Will Be In Austria

Russia have confirmed they will be taking part in Eurovision 2015. The First Channel have stated that it is likely next years representative will be the winner of this years “The Voice”, using the same selection method as in 2013 when Dina Garipova winner of The Voice was internally selected.


9 thoughts on “Russia: Eurovision 2015 Participation Confirmed”

  1. How hypocrites, first they say they don’t want to do with anything related with Conchita and then right after they confirm their presence for next year, oh, dear, how ridicolous. –‘

  2. Intervision was going to be a very little festival, with very few countries participating. (Only Russia and Central Asia). Maybe they thought that recreating that soviet-style eurovision was pointless.

  3. they should have gone out from nato and from the earth, not from esc !! after their bad attitude on the press behind conchita victory!!
    I’m so sad for them !! What a face …

  4. At least, they won’t leave the ESC. It would have been a great loss for the festival if Russia “went away”, because its aportation to it has been really significant.

  5. The Russian Eurovision committee didn’t give in to that letter from I don’t know who from the government telling them to boycott from competing in Eurovision because Conchita won. I’m glad to hear this since I always like the entries from Russia 🙂 This just proves that if we get rid of the politics from interfering in the song contests, things will get better.

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