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This Years Lilla Melodifestivalen Participants
This Years Lilla Melodifestivalen Participants

The participants and the songs in Sweden’s Junior Eurovision selection, Lilla Melodifestivalen 2014 have been announced. The kids who are aged between 12 and 15 years old will take part in the live final this Friday on Swedish radio, P4 from 17:00 CET.

The participants and their songs are:

  1. Kevin Körber – När hoppet tar slut (When hope runs out)
  2. Felix Laurent – Jag trodde på oss (I believed in us)
  3. Julia Kedhammar – Du är inte ensam (You’re not alone)
  4. Paulina Pancenkov – Jag saknar dig så (I miss you so)
  5. Skyscraper – Här är vi nu (Here we are now)
  6. Tove Burman – Rebell (Rebel)
  7. Vilma Larsson – Stilla (Still)
  8. Ella Rammelt – Oslagbara (Unbeatable)

The participants were helped by some of Sweden’s most well-known musicians and song writers; Thomas G:son , Linda Sundblad , Marcos Ubeda and Jimmy Buffett . Thomas G:son was part of the team behind Sweden’s 2010 Junior Eurovision entry and the 2012 winning Swedish Eurovision entry, while Marcos Ubeda wrote the 2002 Eurovision entry “Never Let It Go”.

The full releases of the songs are expected in the next couple of days.

Source: Sveriges Radio & Affars Varlden

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