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5 thoughts on “ABU Radio Song Festival: No Longer A Competitive Contest”

  1. Kinda ruins the fun, huh? I’m guessing they’re avoiding the competitive madness that might take off and actually putting in EFFORT.

    I’ve watched this year’s — pretty boring. Except for Sri Lanka (who WOULD’VE won) and two others, I’d see the audience not feeling it or cracking jokes most of the time with demonic smiles like mine. >:)

    But the big one, ABU TV Song Festival is much better but it’s still young so I wont hate on it.

    All these Eurovisions popping up. Turkvision, ABU Song Festival, and Russia ALLEGEDLY bring Intervision back. I’m happy and scared for the future of the contest.

    1. I think that they want to avoid the issues of political voting as much as possible. If the contest turned into a competitive event, the vote for political or cultural affinities would appear more evidently than in the ESC. That’s why they have doubts about making a competition.

  2. If this event is no longer competitive, is because the international relations of many of these countries. For example, we all know the India-Pakistan relations. If one of those countries get an achievement, the reaction of the other one would not be a good one.
    On the other hand, I’m sure that the malaysian speaking countries (Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei) would vote themselves without any hesitation. It’s clear that the ABU wants to avoid that.

    Anyway, if they want those events to be really popular, they should introduce competitive elements, otherwise, they will be far from the level of popularity of the ESC.

  3. well Asia is known for their nationalism and it’s actually a bigger deal than it is in Europe and competition is seriously risky

    1. In Europe, we have a european unity project and at least, we have got a little bit of harmony. In Asia there isn’t any common project for all the continent (Except from the ASEAN countries). As a result, the political scene leaves little space for a friendly song competition.

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