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Pre-Round Two Today From 14:00 CET
Pre-Round Two Today From 14:00 CET

Today see’s Eurovision Young Musicians 2014 continue with the second seven pre-round performances in Cologne. Today the participants have 15 minutes to perform in front of an audience and the judges, the judges will score the performances which will go towards the scores on Saturday night and decide who wins Eurovision Young Musicians 2014.

Performing today from 14:00 to 16:00 CET are:

  • Poland – Bartosz Kołsut
  • Portugal – André Gunko
  • Greece – Vassilis Digos
  • Germany – Judith Stapf
  • Sweden – Albin Uusijärvi
  • Czech Republic – Martin Kot
  • Moldova – Livyka Shtirbu-Sokolov

You can watch the show live on the official website here.

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