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Could Josh Stanley Return Monaco To Eurovision?

According to rumors Monaco could be returning to Eurovision in 2015 thanks to a young Monégasque singer called Josh Stanley.

Josh who was born in 1996 released his first single in 2012 and shortly after won “Idées jeunes 2012”, since then he has released a total of 12 singles and has amassed a following of nearly 20,000 fans on Facebook. His latest single “Evolution” has had over 250,000 views on YouTube and can be seen below:

According the rumors Josh is in discussions with TMC the national broadcaster for Monaco to represent them in 2015. Monaco debuted in Eurovision in 1959 and won the contest in 1971, they however withdrew in 1980 before returning again in 2004. Monaco then took part up until 2006 when after failing to qualify for the final for a third time, funding for participation was pulled.

Source: Michael Kuipers

27 thoughts on “Monaco: Return In 2015?”

  1. His voice wasn’t quite what I was expecting from his picture. But any returning country is good news!

  2. Not a big fan of him at all, and if Monaco sends anything like “Evolution” I doubt they’ll be able to qualify. But I am happy at the possibility of another returning country (I think there’ll be A LOT in 2015) and really hope Monaco does decide to return.

          1. Did you even look at this year’s split results? San Marino came 2nd last with the juries and 8th with televoting, completely the opposite of what you’re saying!

          2. mate, its called trading votes… do you really think its likely for San Marino to come 4th in the azerbaijani tele voting an then sweden, netherlands come lower… really!, an then 5th in russia… do you really think thats likely to happen, really! and by chance it was all these backwards countries giving the high votes, they have no connection with san marino what so ever so its extremely unlikely that they got votes for the quality of the entry because maybe was crap and was rightfully held back by the jurys.

  3. The Effect Valentina Monetta is getting big. Hope That Luxemburg returns too.Who is Michael kuipers?

  4. Would be really nice to see Monaco returning! Cyprus will return too, perhaps (it only needs a confirmation), so we´ll have a great ESC year in 2015! How more countries, how more ESC and more fun 😀

    1. Cyprus, Croatia, and Serbia will most likely return, as their withdrawal wasn’t due to lack of interest, but rather finance (like Portugal in 2013). I’m hoping that BiH and Bulgaria can pull in some money and send an entry as well.
      This is great news about Monaco, and maybe Luxembourg can come back too. Luxembourg pulled out because they didn’t want to put on a big show if they won, but they can always turn down the opportunity if they (shockingly) win.

      Slovakia and Czech Republic will probably never return (they are already staying away from the contest in 2015, even though it is held in their neighbor).
      Israel might or might not withdraw because IBA will be going through the same process as ERT next year.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if Latvia pulls out due to poor results.
      Russia might pull out because of Conchita.
      Belarus is less likely to pull out than Russia, given that Alexander Rybak had already committed in April to help find their 2015 entry.
      Ukraine will probably send an entry if they are still around next year.

      In summary, we are looking at:

      Very Likely Return: Cyprus, Serbia
      Possible Return: BiH, Bulgaria, Croatia, Monaco
      Speculative Return: Luxembourg

      Very Likely Withdraw: Andorra, Czech Republic, Slovakia
      Likely Withdraw: Israel, Russia
      Speculative Withdraw: Latvia

      1. latvia are more than likely to withdraw, a guy i know at another eurovision website said that he had a conversation with the latvia delegation and they said that if latvia didn’t qualify they would more than likely not be around the next year. and most years latvia are one of the first countries to confirm participation so the fact they haven’t yet is a concern.

      2. Russia “very likely to withdraw”? Really? There are 2 broadcasters there that take part, so it’d have to be a case that they BOTH decide to drop out, and from reading the Russian media (and not just the extremist fringe stuff that gets picked up in the rest) it’s really not *THAT* big of a deal with regards to Conchita. I’d be very surprised if they withdraw.

  5. It would be great if Monaco and Luxembourg returned, Liechtenstein and Vatican City (Very unlikely) to debut and Andorra to dedice to return instead.

  6. According to English Wikipedia, Croatia returns to JESC. But the source (esc-plus) is no longer available? Any news?

    1. Only 17 % of the inhabitants of Monaco are native. 28 % are from France, 17 % from Italy and the other 43 % are from all over the world, including 6 % Brits.

  7. “Bring back Monaco! Bring back Monaco! Bring back Monaco!…” I’m protesting here!

  8. Fan wankers wouldn’t like him because his music is very alternative and sophisticated compared to shitty “Miracle” “Dancing in the rain” “Rise like a phoenix”

  9. A return from Monaco would be great! I like it when there are lots of countries and especially the previous microstates who proved you don’t have to be a powerful country to be a deserved winner. Monaco, Luxembourg, Andorra and Liechtenstein please!

    In terms of the particular song posted, “Evolution” is cleverly composed but it’s let down lyrically. The theme of the music and the artists voice are very good, and I would like to see what a team of writers could help Josh with…there is definite potential!

    And plus, if Monaco send something good then at least there is a chance France will stop giving Armenia 12 points.

    I also see people commenting on Russia withdrawing. Russia will not withdraw!! I also can’t see Latvia withdrawing. I think the most likely to withdraw (after Israel) is a country like Albania or FYR Macedonia.

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